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Gold 3D Glass Cremains Ashes Pendant

Gold 3D Glass Cremains Ashes Pendant

PriceFrom £185.00

Completely hand crafted incorporating your own inclusions and colour options, our 3D pendants is perfect for keeping your loved one's ashes close to you. 


Choose from various shapes including orbs, drops, olives, hearts, bullets or shells.

All images are for illustrative purposes only and all sizes are approximate.

  1. The cost includes fusing of your cremation ashes.
  2. Inclusions are encased in clear glass.  White glass as a background can be used at no additional cost.  This is to enhance the look of the design.
  3. Coloured glass and glass effects cost extra and needs to be purchased separately.
  4. For drop / egg pendants, please specify at checkout which one you prefer.  The egg has the ball shape at the bottom and the drop at the top.  If nothing is stated we will use our own discretion.
  5. All gold pendants include genuine 9ct Yellow Gold findings.
  6. Sizing
  • Small:  up to 15 mm
  • Medium:  Orb / drop / olive / heart up to 18 mm. Bullet / shell approx 30 mm
  • Large: Orb / drop / olive / heart:   up to 30 mm. Bullet / shell:  up to 40 mm. Breastfeeding logo - up to 30 mm. Swirled wave approx 25 mm
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