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The Missing Piece


From the creators of Mom's Own Milk, the global pioneer of fusing breastmilk, cremains and ashes into glass and inlay jewellery, comes a unique cremains only collection. With close to a decade of experience, you are assured that your unique keepsake will be made to last the test of time.

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Everyone experiences loss in different ways and we personally find comfort in carrying a little piece of a loved one with us.  We specialise in creating beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of loved ones who have passed away. With close to a decade of experience, we are able to create timeless, unique, sentimental tributes to treasure always and most importantly, last forever without discolouration or being affected by the environment.  Our desire is to bring you jewellery that offers comfort and a tangible means of carrying a loved one with you always.

Our store has a large range of genuine 925 sterling silver and genuine gold pendants, rings and charm beads.  We also offer a bespoke service and can provide you any unique design in gold, platinum palladium or any other metal or design you are looking for..


If you have any questions, or queries, no matter how small, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly team who understand how personal and precious your jewellery will be. We are here every step of the way to make sure your order is perfectly unique, and as you imagined.

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