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Labyrinth Glass


Beauty and Value

Since 2012, we have been helping customers globally express their personality and celebrate life’s special moments.

Using the same preservation processes and science from Mom's Own Milk, you are assured that your keepsake will not change or discolour over time. 

Drawing on a decade of experience, skill and innovation and founded by the artist and creator of Mom's Own Milk, the Labyrinth Glass Group delivers custom made ecofriendly glass breastmilk keepsake jewellery and accessories.  Add cremations ashes, hair, soil or any other personal inclusion.

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Offering unique, yet classic pieces to last a lifetime, our collections are inventive and impressive and designed with close attention to detail. Experience the luxury of handmade glass jewellery using only sterling silver, genuine gold, platinum or palladium.

Shipping worldwide.

Expanding into the world of art, we now offer bespoke and ready made acrylic art pieces and cards, tarot, playing and poker.

Manufactured in a small studio in Hampshire, UK.

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We welcome and encourage you to get in touch with us to design your bespoke jewellery collection piece.  Whether it be a specific ring design or any other jewellery or keepsake piece, we can assist you in realising your dream creation.

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Please provide your information including specifics on the design, e.g. gold, silver, sizing, etc.  Links to images would be helpful and we will happily get in touch to provide a quote.

Image by Ali Pazani

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